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Friend to all, nemesis to many, Janie is best known for her contributions to the scientific realm as the sole inventor of “glass” and as an advocate for waste water renewable energy refractory elements in fast food manufacturing (specifically Chick-Fil-A Chick-n-Minis). After writing her best-selling first book, the Bible, Janie decided to venture into the world of non-fiction and develop her auto-biography known to many as “There and Back Again: a Hobbit’s Tale.” A documentation of deliverance, selflessness, woe, and her short-lived (televised) whirlwind romance with Flavor Flav. Originally born in Greenbow, Alabama, Janie moved multiple times in her adolescent life as she was the only surviving daughter of her military father, Colin Powell. In the womb, Janie not only absorbed her twin sister, she also completely consumed her mother’s entire physical being, leaving her spirit to dwell in the ether for eternity. Because of this incident, Janie is able to call upon the paranormal to help her manipulate color, form, and light within Adobe Creative Cloud. Her weapon of choice is a chain mace and her footwear of choice is 2007 Rainbow sandals. Her greatest goal in life is to have braces.

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