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Web Design & Email Marketing

2017 - Present

Mobile first, consumer driven, and cross-platform accessible designs for e-commerce websites. 

Wrangler 2019 Holiday Gift Guide

In 2019, I introduced a multi-page, catalogue style Gift Guide experience to the Wrangler audience. This set up allowed for a better consumer experience for our multiple target groups. Top of page navigation encouraged customers to click into specific buckets of interest without leaving the experience, serving more top-selling products per visit. Also, paid media was given freedom to drive to specific buckets without alienating consumers from differing lifestyles (IE. Female Modern vs. Western Men).

Wrangler Peace, Love & Rock 'n' Roll Collection

This collection was developed in conjunction with Lyric Culture, all mocks and collateral were proofed and approved by their company. This collection centered around the Woodstock Era of Rock and Roll culture; the creative assets reflect this timeframe by utilizing muted tones, analogue photographs, and a nod to classic ringer tees with a rainbow band accent. I developed the logo, emails, and all on site collateral for this collection.. 

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